Retail Dashboard

This Dashboard is a sample Retail business.  The visualizations show Key Performance Indicators that show the “healthiness” of the retail operation.  Many retail business owners have good understanding of their business, but they don’t have data driven measures to clearly understand and make key decisions from.  Dashboard like this can help businesses identify and focus on what matters the most to impact their profit.


Retail Business Visualized

  • Sales and Quantities sold per area, store, and employees.  These measures show relative performance to resources utilized
  • Map visual shows where the sales are occurring.  Bigger the circle area, higher the sales
  • Top performing Stores and Product visuals allow decision makers to focus on high impact areas
  • New Stores vs. Same Stores performance shows readers where the growth is coming from


  • Overall, globally, Sales $ is declining from 2011 through 2013, while Quantity Sold is actually increasing.  This is a sign that the retail company is facing enormous pricing pressure.  They’re selling more quantities by slashing prices; this will have negative impact on margin and depending on their cost structure, this downward trend is not sustainable.  Additional analysis with more information is recommended to strategize how best to approach this downward trend.  Data Visualization identifies areas where more analysis is necessary to make sound business decisions
  • The company’s efficiency is deteriorating as well.  Their Sales (1) Per Employee, (2) Per Selling Area, and (3) Store, are all declining.  This may be primarily due to the declining Sales $, but employees and space are not able to improve efficiency to make up for the lowering sales
  • However, when you click on Asia region, the story is much better.  Sales $ and Qty are all rising, along with KPIs – per employee, per space, and per store.  This visual provides key insight into overall strategy.  The company may want to think about investing more heavily in Asia with cash flow from North America
  • Only 5 new stores opened in year 2013.  The company needs to rethink it’s growth strategy.  If it is indeed new store openings, the company needs an in depth analytics to strategy how best to invest in new stores.  Asia region certainly looks good for new store investment

Source: Based on sample, randomly generated data set for demonstration