As a decision maker in your business or organization, have you ever wondered the following sample issues in your environment?


  • I am often caught with surprises in my projects.  I never saw these surprises coming
  • My daily business volume is critically depending on the weather for the day.  How can I better plan the staffing needs based on the weather forecast?
  • I deployed a new product/service line and it is selling very well.  However, my overall profitability declined
  • My business goes through several processes before finally selling to clients or customers.  Sometimes it takes too long from start to finish, but I don't know where the bottleneck lies.  How can I keep an eye on these things and detect potential problem early on?
  • Is my labor force productive?  How can I measure labor productivity relative to my sales?
  • What are my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)?
  • How can I monitor KPIs at my fingertips?