Bible Education Dashboard

Visualization is a new way of communication and is also a very effective way in learning.  Visualization can be applied even on Bibles and churches can embed a full version of Bible (King James Version) on their website for rich, robust, and interactive way of reading Bible.


Bible Visualized

  • Overview of Bible, highlighting the overall Book, Chapter, Verse, and Word counts in the Bible.  The audience can see visually which books and authors have higher counts
  • The Pyramid visual and the Main Events shows the chronological order of the books and major events occurred
  • Places in Bible provides visual of where the cities and places in Bible are located, using modern day map
  • Numbers in Bible shows frequent numbers mentioned in Bible.  Click on “40” and you can see Genesis 7:12 where it rained for forty days and forty nights
  • Many other visualized Bible contents


  • Your church site visitors will be more engaged with Bible learning; Bible readers will have much more fun learning the God’s words
  • Ministries with schools will especially benefit from this Bible as students will find this new way of Bible engaging
  • Any visitors to your ministry website can view this Interactive Bible, making your ministry stand out from other churches