Why Aver Analytics

Use Your Data and Gain Insights

Aver Analytics helps businesses and organizations use their data to increase their profitability and achieve their strategic goals. This means our clients go beyond merely understanding their business from day-to-day involvement. Our clients uncover hidden information from data and actively measure and focus on what matters the most.

Unlike many consulting companies that provide high level goals and objectives, Aver Analytics provides dashboards by turning data into actionable key insights for informed decision making.

As a result, our clients get high quality, easy to use, and insightful information on dashboards that empowers decision makers and motivates employees, and this drives our clients to higher profitability and meet their strategic goals.

Aver Analytics looked at our membership data for the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber. We were amazed at the information we learned from the analytics and visualization provided by Aver Analytics . The data was helpful, but the in depth analysis of trends really allowed us to allocate our time and resources differently.
— Marilyn Balcombe, Ph.D., Community leader, Candidate for Montgomery County Council, President/CEO, Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce


Your view on your business at your fingertips. Dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your business activities.


Uncover what is happening to your business and operation before it’s too late.


Be informed of what’s happening to your business on your PC, Laptop, or Mobile devices.

The Power of Data Visualization

Put Your Data To Good Use

All of us have no shortage of data. Everyday, our systems/tools collect data on businesses, operations, projects, etc. With social media explosion, there's immense amount of data out in public space as well. Use your data and put it to your advantage. Turn data into robust, rich visualizations, so you can manage your business more efficiently and effectively, in a timely manner.