OSHA Violations Dashboard

This dashboard shows OSHA violation citations that were issued in the past FY (November 2016 – October 2017).  OSHA inspects businesses and organizations to ensure safety codes are not violated to keep workers in safe environment.  This report is for the Construction industry (Naics code 23). Go ahead and click the visuals – these visuals are interactive and will filter other visuals in the dashboard.


OSHA Violations Visualized

  • Types of inspections and the degree of violations (serious, repeat) shown in donut visual
  • Violation count by type of construction companies
  • Most violated OSHA standard visually captured and ranked


  • Serious and Repeat violations make up most of the violations found.  These categories of violations usually come with hefty penalties
  • Roofing Contractors and Framing Contractors have the highest violations
  • Fall Protection is by far, #1 OSHA standard violated
  • “Eye and Face Protection” standard seems to be violated a lot this year (this was not part of top 10 most violated last year).  Perhaps OSHA is focusing more on this standard this year
  • Map visualization shows which state has the most violation citations issued.  The red color represents highest violation count.  Ohio seems to have the highest violations

Source: osha.gov