Some examples of past and current projects.


ACCIDENT dashboard

Dashboard provides latest fatal and catastrophic accidents in Construction investigated and reported by OSHA.  

Safety Managers can use this Dashboard to provide training to remind construction crew what to be mindful in order to avoid fataL and catastrophic accidents.


Bible dashboard

Visualization can be applied on Bibles and churches can embed a full version of Bible (King James Version) on their website for rich, robust, and interactive way of reading Bible.  Millennials and young people will especially be more engaged in interacting with this Bible.


College enrollment dashboard

This Dashboard shows a quick overview of a local college enrollment data.  The college is a local institution located in Montgomery County, Maryland.


Hospital dashboard

Hospitals are paid from Medicare based on their patients’ satisfaction of the care they received. A list of hospital ratings for the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). HCAHPS is a national, standardized survey of hospital patients about their experiences during a recent inpatient hospital stay.


law practice dashboard

The managing partners at law firms have good understandings of their practice from being in the office every day and knowing the status of cases.  However, it is hard to grasp exactly what is going on operationally and this blindness can lead to losing opportunity to maximize profit.  There is more you can learn from the data that comes out of day-to-day operation of law practice.


Motor carrier safety dashboard

Does your company operate motor carriers?  Are you in professions where you provide legal or safety consultation advice to motor carriers?  If yes, I’m sure you agree that it is critical to have the knowledge of all the safety information, standards, and compliance issues of FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration).  Subscribing to this dashboard means being more informed.


natural resources dashboard

This Dashboard shows the trout stocking schedule in the State of Maryland.  During each fishing season, the State stocks its lakes and ponds with trout for the residents to enjoy fishing.  This information is in table format on the State’s website.


OSHA violations dashboard

This dashboard shows OSHA violation citations that were issued in the past FY (November 2016 – October 2017).  OSHA inspects businesses and organizations to ensure safety codes are not violated to keep workers in safe environment.  This report is for the Construction industry (Naics code 23). Go ahead and click the visuals – these visuals are interactive and will filter other visuals in the dashboard.


retail dashboard

This Dashboard is a sample Retail business.  The visualizations show Key Performance Indicators that show the “healthiness” of the retail operation.  Many retail business owners have good understanding of their business, but they don’t have data driven measures to clearly understand and make key decisions from.  Dashboard like this can help businesses identify and focus on what matters the most to impact their profit


traffic violations dashboard

This Dashboard shows the analysis on traffic violations occurred in Montgomery County, Maryland between 2011 to 2016.  The data consists of the County police officers traffic pull overs and this data set includes drivers’ city, sex, race, type of citations, date of pull over, etc.  You can use the slicers to isolate the analysis for specific categories or areas. For example, you can select “M” for Male only analysis.