Is your Finance team a true business partner?



In a typical Financial Planning & Reporting (FP&A) function in an organization, most of time is spent in the "conventional finance" activities.  This primarily involves working with passive numbers, dealing with the past, "what happened?", "what is our last month or quarter's result?".

If your Finance team is providing more value that "conventional finance", it may include more of an outlook view, such as Forecasting.  "what is our forecast for next month?"

For truly value-adding Finance, it strives to go beyond the financial numbers.  Rather than just looking at what's our Sales, Cost, and Profit, what are the core "business drivers" that are driving these Sales, Cost, and Profit numbers?  This is where true Financial Business Partnership comes in.  With the abundant and ever growing availability of both internal and external data, Finance must be ready to provide a true business partnership by focusing on the business drivers.  

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