Survey Analytics Solution


Do you often conduct large scale surveys? When you have survey responses that are well over hundreds or even thousands, it is an overwhelming task to manage and understand the survey responses.

Aver Analytics’ Survey Analytics Solution can help you analyze your survey responses. We utilize Microsoft’s Azure Machine Learning Text Analytics solution to provides you robust analytics that brings you quick insights.


Key phrases

Aver Analytics can help you extract key phrases from your survey responses. Identifying some of the key phrases based on what your survey respondents have said is a daunting task. We can help you quickly abstract and focus on what your survey respondents are saying.


sentiment analysis

Based on your survey respondents’ text responses, we can help you score each response, using Text Analytics Machine Learning technology. This feature reads each comment and tells you what sentiment or mood the comments are conveying.


data visualization

Your survey results can be shown with robust visuals that are highly interactive.


Below is a sample Survey Analytics. Go ahead and click each icon and words to interact with the visuals.

Contact Aver Analytics today for Survey Analytics solution. We can also help you conduct surveys and collecting responses as well.